Ever wanted to know more about our rich and unique Asaba - Igbo - cultures and traditions? Then Asaba Development Association (ADA) is the Cultural Network forum for you! ADA's aim is to educate, enlighten, motivate and mentor all our members, second, third and future generations of Ndi Ahaba (all Asaba people, wherever they maybe) on the rich, unique and diversified Asaba cultures and traditions.

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How a culture survives depends on the people's capacity to learn and transmit it to succeeding generations. We can't do all these on our own we need everyone's support to make the ADA a success. And so we welcome ideas and suggestions from everyone.


Reflecting on the main agenda , what immediately struck me was that this treatise could aptly be christened " prompts to reflection"- how did we start?, how have we fared? Where are we? And where do we think we will be in the coming years. Answers to these questions are many and varied, but I will attempt to address them as much as my experience will permit. [read more]


It is incontrovertible that Asaba Custom; Culture and Traditions has one of the richest and most colourful burial practices in Africa; if not the entire world. A recent example was the burial of Rt. Rev. Monsignor Chukwumah. The iconic Monsignor Chukwumah was until his death; our parish priest in St. Joseph's Pro-Cathedral. [read more]

Super Summer Trip

ADA UK would like to thank all the members, their families and friends who attended our wonderful outing in Southend-On-Sea. The event was a great successful day with lots of fun, sands and entertainment and the weather on the day exquisite! It was indeed a great day, another project well delivered and many more to go. Why not checkout the seaside shots within our photo galleries, once again, thank you all for attending the event with us.

The challenge now for us all as Ndi-Ahaba based in Europe, will be to plan something bigger and better next time around!! But for us to achieve this we all need to unite together and work towards this. This is for the betterment of Asaba in Diaspora. Umu-Asaba everywhere; " Igwebuike, Udo na Oganiru".. Meaning: "Unity is Strength".

Asaba History

Asaba is believed to have derived its origin from a conglomeration of mostly three different ancestral lineages. However, the history of modern day Asaba is always traced back to its most famous citizen, Nnebisi. Nnebisi, the son of Diaba, an early settler. Nnebisi in Ibo language means: Mother is Supreme. read more..

Monthly Meeting

Asaba Development Association Meeting is held every Month at All Saints Community Center, All Saints Church Main Entrance, New Cross, London SE14 5DJ. Your are welcome to attend or become a member. Our next meeting is on Sunday, May 4th.
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